People that support us are students, practitioners, but leaders as well, consultants, researchers and executives, from both small and large organizations from industry, education, politics and other fields of economy and society. We come as representatives of our organizations, and we come as people that they talk only for themselves.

How can I join as a member?

Registration of new members in the Greek community of SoL is open to organizations, corporations, public institutions, non for profit organizations, independent consultants, researchers, students and generally to every unit or total that is interested in Organizational Learning, our theories and our practices.

Recognizing the complex situation that exists in our country, the founding team has set as a target the lowest annual fees, but maintaining as well services of high level. The fees are on a 12-month basis and the prices are:


The process for a registration of a new member is very simple, and the only thing that you have to do is to fill an application form. After that, your application will be examined by the member’s board of SoL Greece and within two weeks from sending the application, you will receive and informative email that will explain to you what are the next steps to follow (how to pay the fees, informative material, etc).

What are the member’s privileges?

The members, by registering, they become members of a global community of innovation. Moreover, they enjoy some privileges and some of them are:

You become a member of the worldwide network of the Society of Organizational Learning, but of the local fractal as well in which academics, researchers and consultants participate with dedication to the science of Organizational Learning and the empowerment of the existing knowledge.

Capability/Possibility/Potential of developing initiatives/actions with the support of SoL Greece, under certain circumstances and through Cooperation Space, which it is a space where members can discuss and network in order to implement actions.

The functions of SoL Greece that practically support these two privileges are based to three axes:

Participation in events, workshops, Conferences, seminars (not only of SoL Greece but in a worldwide level)


Through SoL Greece, some working teams will be created regarding specific themes. Every member will participate in a team (only if he/she wants it of course). Each team will hold a meeting once per month and its duration will be six months.

Member’s Café

Once per month, in a place in the city centre of Athens, there will be a meeting of SoL’s members as an opportunity for conversation, to know each other better etc. SoL’s members that reside out of Athens, can communicate us in order to arrange similar meetings.

Access to members’ forum

Member’s Matrix

Beyond professionals we are firstly humans, this is an “area” where a member could request some help for an issue that troubles him/her. This can be something very simple (e.g. I am looking someone to start a work) or something more serious (e.g. I have a relative of mine in the hospital, in what ways could someone help).


Access to scientific articles that have to do with Organizational Learning. Members have the right to receive the articles and use the provided knowledge as long as they refer to the source (SoL Greece) and it is highlighted that any distribution of material is strictly prohibited.


All members can participate in topics or to start a topic themselves.

Cooperation Space

Members have discounts in SoL’s events, not only in Greece, but in all SoL’s local networks. These events mostly have to do with conferences, seminars and experiential workshops. Members also enter the list to receive European news of SoL (European Newsletter) and soon the news of SoL Greece.